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Progressive Rock

Progressive Rockとは

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Progressive rock, also known as prog rock or prog, is a rock music subgenre[2] that originated in the United Kingdom, with further developments in Germany, Italy, and France, throughout the mid-to-late 1960s and 1970s. It developed from psychedelic pop (rather than psychedelic rock, as is often stated) and originated, similarly to art rock, as an attempt to give greater artistic weight and credibility to rock music.[3] Bands abandoned the short pop single in favor of instrumentation and compositional techniques more frequently associated with jazz or classical music in an effort to give rock music the same level of musical sophistication and critical respect.[4] Songs were replaced by musical suites that often stretched to 20 or 40 minutes in length and contained symphonic influences, extended musical themes, philosophical lyrics and complex orchestrations. Music critics, who often[citation needed] labeled the concepts as “pretentious” and the sounds as “pompous” and “overblown,”[5] tended to be hostile toward the genre or to completely ignore it.[6]

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Thirst - the HIATUS
Total Pop Tec App Org
760 761 790 740 750
Run Away - [Alexandros]
Total Pop Tec App Org
760 750 770 770 749
Stimulator - [Alexandros]
Total Pop Tec App Org
763 746 758 798 749
PLEDGE - the GazettE
Total Pop Tec App Org
765 721 750 830 760
Red - the GazettE
Total Pop Tec App Org
766 718 760 825 760
The Flare - the HIATUS
Total Pop Tec App Org
777 768 806 761 772
Oshakashama (おしゃかしゃま) - RADWIMPS
Total Pop Tec App Org
794 757 800 815 805
Setsuna Rensa (セツナレンサ) - RADWIMPS
Total Pop Tec App Org
807 759 814 881 773
Gunjyo Biyori (群青日和) - Tokyo Jihen
Total Pop Tec App Org
812 790 856 768 811
"Visual kei" の新着ミュージック