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Superfly is a Japanese rock act that debuted on April 4, 2007.[2] Formerly a duo, the act now consists solely of lyricist and vocalist Shiho Ochi with former guitarist Kōichi Tabo still credited as the group’s composer and part-time lyricist. Superfly’s first two studio albums have been certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of Japan, and their four albums (the third being classified as a “single” by the group) all debuted at the top of the Oricon’s Weekly Album Charts, a first for a female recording artist in Japan in over seven years.[3]

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Wildflower - Superfly
Total Pop Tec App Org
783 771 820 760 780
Tamashii Revolution (タマシイレボリューション) ・・・
Total Pop Tec App Org
819 789 830 832 825
Yasashii Kimochi de (やさしい気持ちで) - Su・・・
Total Pop Tec App Org
785 776 830 750 785
Ai wo Komete Hanataba wo (愛をこめて花束を)・・・
Total Pop Tec App Org
804 785 830 810 790
"Rock" の新着ミュージック