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NICO Touches the Walls

NICO Touches the Walls Wiki

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Nico Touches the Walls (stylized as NICO Touches the Walls) is a Japanese rock band formed in 2004. In the same year, they won the Lotte Prize at the Yamaha Teen Music Festival. Rising quickly, they signed to “Senha & Co.” before signing to Sony Music Japan’s Ki/oon Records in 2007. Their debut single, “Yoru no Hate” was released in February 2008, and received good reaction from the public.

The band also has songs in anime, such as “Broken Youth”, “Diver”, and “Niwaka Ame ni Mo Makezu” featured in Naruto Shippuden.[1] Their success “Hologram” was the second opening for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood,[2] and “Matryoshka” featured as the opening theme for the anime C.[3]

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Tenchi Gaeshi (天地ガエシ) - NICO Touche・・・
Total Pop Tec App Org
792 771 800 815 780
Natsu no Daisankakkei (夏の大三角形) - NI・・・
Total Pop Tec App Org
770 760 765 779 775
Te wo tatake (手をたたけ) - NICO Touches・・・
Total Pop Tec App Org
773 790 760 771 770
Hologram (ホログラム) - NICO Touches the・・・
Total Pop Tec App Org
765 739 760 800 760
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